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Product & Services

Educational Campaign

he Foundation is a strong advocate for good and quality education in that we want to ensure that our young ones are given the education that not only pushes knowledge into their heads, but one that prepares and equips them to solve problems in their own lives, their communities and be able to help others. We envision an education whereby the individual is without fear, and uses the knowledge, skills, training and habits acquired to shape his life and that of society. We carry out this agenda through the following;

  1. We challenge and encourage government policies that concern education.
  2. We organize inter-school quiz competitions for schools.
  3. We set up FOGET school clubs for mentorship.
  4. We build and/or refurbish community libraries.
  5. Scholarships for brilliant but needy students, with attention on girls.

Environmental Sustainability

To contribute to avert climate change and its undeniable impacts on this generation, we are engaged in diverse campaigns including clean-up exercises, tree planting, public education and awareness, and pushing for policy reforms on national and international stages to ensure that our environment is safe for both the present generation and those to come after us.

We also push for precise sustainable agricultural practices.

Sustainable Economic Development

Our country is engulfed with a big youth unemployment problem and it is FOGET’s goal to provide a platform for local grassroots economic growth which can be leveraged down to future generations.

Our approach is to equip the youth and the unemployed to get hands-on skills training in trades and businesses of their choice, without abusing available resources or compromising the survival of future generations. Our model enables the youth to acquire the necessary skills to create, manage and sustain viable trades that can take them out of abject poverty.

We want the development relay run in a way that the baton is passed to the next generation in a manner that enables them to finish the race without any difficulty.


The world is becoming complicated as ever, and the gap between the Haves and the Have-nots keeps widening every year.

We at FOGET understands that those who have should share with those who do not, a principle inherent in every society – even birds of the skies and animals of the forest do share, so it is therefore inhuman to watch others be without the necessary needs to survival.

In this respect, we strive to provide for those in need by offering yearly donations to children’s homes and orphanages with items ranging from foodstuffs, toiletries, clothing, electronic gadgets and equipments, school supplies, fiscal cash, etc.

The Foundation also helps poor and deprived communities with portable drinking and other basic social amenities.

Cultural Heritage

Since Culture is the way of life people live, it is prudent that we preserve our own and showcase it to the wider world in the wake of globalization and pop-culture.

Our customs and traditions, every day living and practices, artistic objects, expressions and values are all worth passing on from generation to generation.

FOGET Cultural Heritage Clubs at schools and in the communities will be equipped and educated on our heritage.

We want the young ones to have a better understanding and appreciation of both the tangible and intangible elements within our culture, and be able to showcase and defend it on the global stage.